Industrial Software Development

From concept to handover

When you need us, we can assist at any stage of product development — from initial concept development through to full-scale production and support. 

Applying our technical knowledge and expertise, PMAS works alongside you to identify opportunities at every stage of development. Harnessing our full range of skills, design and manufacturing capabilities, we collaborate with you to develop the best product, in the most efficient way possible. 
OEMs Specialists

Our proud history of developing products with leading OEMs ensures the best thinking is at your disposal, whether you need one build or many.

Working with you, we help identify where risks may be faced, allowing your concept to be refined, minimising manufacturing problems at the design phase and expediting product development 
How we help you

Working with PMAS gives you access to the full spectrum of solutions we offer. 

Our design and development services are tailored to your needs, so you can leverage our ability to optimise the manufacturing process, from: Special Purpose Machinery — Scalable Manufacturing — Concept Design — Prototyping — Build to print — Spare Parts Management — Lifecycle Support — 24-7 Service.

We combine the best thinking in automation and control with the innovation of our clients and the knowledge of their world. 

Our Capabilities

Special Purpose Machinery

Draw on our experience for end-to-end design of SPM for dependable machines that ensure continued performance. Our expertise in automation and control guarantees the best thinking for your project.

Reverse engineering

Avoid obsolescence with our key technologies for engineering design assistance, delivering compliance and quality. We can design and 3D print components to suit your existing equipment or machinery.

Concept design

PMAS is your partner in innovation and concept design engineering. When turning your vision into reality, our research and development approach minimises risk while producing the best possible product.

Build to print

Harness support to build to your design, taking advantage of our advanced manufacturing ability. 
As an Australian manufacturer, we are competitive on cost and timing while guaranteeing quality.

Scalable manufacturing

Working from your design, we collaborate with you, taking advantage of PMAS's multiple manufacturing capabilities. You can comfortably plan future scalability in production to meet the demands of your market.

Spare parts management

PMAS is an extension of your business with our spare parts management. Reduce your capital expenditure with access to our extensive inventory of critical spare parts, so you can maintain high levels of service to your customers.
Integrated design, engineering and manufacturing services

We solve challenges throughout all stages of the design and manufacturing process, ensuring a quick production cycle.

Have complete confidence in the delivery, performance and safety of your products. Our integrated design and manufacturing processes reduce risk, ensure compliance and streamline production.   
Design, engineer and manufacture for industry

Delivering top-of-the-line products that are compliant with World Standards. 

Our extensive product development experience spans multiple industries, from energy, utilities, infrastructure, manufacturing and to emerging technologies.   
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