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If you are modifying or retrofitting any machine or making a new one PMAS can help you run from start to finish. We will be there from beginning to end from inception to conception to take care of your project. 

 We are equipped with an experienced team | best systems | best processes and partners so that we can deliver the best to you.



Increase productivity and reduce risk with our drafting, motion, safety and hazardous area solutions.


Seamless management with our software automation and control systems, for the ultimate quality and control.


Maximise efficiency with an industrial automation solution that covers all aspects of your business.


Fast, reliable network infrastructure to give you peace of mind that your business is never offline.


Fast, reliable network infrastructure to give you peace of mind that your business is never offline.


Fast, reliable network infrastructure to give you peace of mind that your business is never offline.


Fast, reliable network infrastructure to give you peace of mind that your business is never offline.


Electrical CAD Drafting

When you need electrical automation drawing, PMAS can provide clarity and peace of mind.

PMAS uses licenced CAD software packages to create, update, modify, integrate ongoing improvements.

These drawings provide an essential link to the manufacturing process, support field commissioning and form final electrical documentation.

We Provide

Safety control circuits
Electrical Schematics
PLC I/O connection diagrams
Network overviews
Field cable termination schedules
Bus bar design
Single line power distribution diagrams
Cable block diagrams
General cabinet arrangement
Cable schedules
Terminal strip layouts
3D modelling using reverse engineering
Electrical CAD Redrawing to reduce risk of failure

When you need to convert damaged, marked-up or out-of-date drawings, we can help.Old or hard-to-read drawings can cause mistakes and failures, which can lead to significant delays. We now offer a redrawing service, updating drawings with the latest CAD software to your specifications.The last thing you want is your business coming to a grinding halt because of a schematic error. We can significantly reduce your risk so you can proceed with complete assurance.

Our services include

Paper to CAD conversion
Onsite wire tracing to CAD drawings
Provision of hardcopy and electronic documents
Integration of mark-ups, updates and sketches
Translations of comments and parts lists
Creation of master drawings

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Innovation Excellence Reliability and Dedicated Services


PLC and SCADA Control and information systems: HMI/PLC/SCADA

Your control and information system is the brain of your plant. You need the very best – and PMAS can deliver.Whether you need an operational update, a technological upgrade or a complete overhaul of your system, at PMAS, we excel at delivering large, complex control and information systems that integrate HMI (Human Machine Interface), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) platforms. Our expertise in this area allows us to provide fail-safe systems that increase productivity and give you peace of mind.

Unlike our competitors, PMAS prides itself on being an independent systems integrator, with vast experience across many of the world’s leading brands -- we have the highest accreditation in Siemens and Schneider platforms.

We support the following brands

Allen Bradley (PLC & HMI)
Siemens (PLC & HMI)
Schneider (PLC,RTU, HMI, SCADA & Radio)
ABB (Network)
Cisco (Network)
Moxa (Network)
Pilz (Safety PLC)
Pheonix (PLC, RTU, SCADA)
Dell and Hewlett Packard (computer and servers)
Lantronix (4G, LTE)


Telemetry for seamless control over remote assets. When you need the best solution for controlling and monitoring remote assets, PMAS can help. We can connect you seamlessly to your wide area assets – whether they be tanks, pipelines or pumps – for accurate, real-time data and access, allowing you to focus your money and resources where they are most needed. PMAS has formidable experience across the gas, water and infrastructure sectors.


If you’re a small to medium sized manufacturer who needs to assess the viability of a product or process, or you’re looking for innovative ways to improve productivity and/or profitability, PMAS can help.We’ll look at every aspect of your manufacturing process, from machine efficiencies, to your factory and warehouse layout, to the production lines, and advise on how you can make your processes as efficient as possible.

Control and Field Networks

Fail-safe control and field networks

Bring together your devices and achieve reliable data acquisition with effective control and field networking solutions. PMAS will integrate to your preferred network and ensure real-time data acquisition, optimum security, resilience, redundancy and reliability.Connection of Wireless Devices (IIoT)PMAS boasts a particular speciality in road infrastructure street light.
We have tied up with TATA communications for LORA network deployment and have ready made IOT.

What we provide

Ethernet (Modbus TCP, Ethernet I/P, PROFINET, DNP3, SNMP and IEC 61850)
Electrical SchematicsPROFIBUS and PROFIsafe
Control Net, DH+ and RIO
Serial (Modbus, DF1, DNP3 and others)
Foundation Field Bus
IEC 104

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Innovation Excellence Reliability and Dedicated Services


Automatic Meter Reading

Providing a comprehensive suite of services to industrial operators, we're seeing a growing demand for operational productivity and smarter energy solutions. In a move towards a reliable, affordable and carbon-free energy network, PMAS helps high energy consumers and grid operators to achieve a reliable, cost-efficient energy mix through smart energy management systems. 

Improving our energy networking systems with smart control and communicative data technologies gives consumers control of their energy needs and costs. 

Enabling the energy transition

Fail-safe control and field networks

With population growth comes an increased demand for power. Together with the change in the energy mix sees increased demand on the network, and on the bottom line for businesses.Smart energy management moves, generates and stores electricity more efficiently, affordably and sustainably. 

Integrating data to MDAS from substation meters

All utilities need to connect various distribution and substation meters to a central MDAS. We have special modems which understand the metering protocol DLMS and we can help you collect all metering data at central MDAS.

Energy solutions

Behind-the-meter energy system
We provide total energy management solutions for a broad range of applications for electricity and energy demand monitoring.
PMAS design and seamlessly deliver control systems for major microgrid projects, including solar and battery control system integration. We also integrate this data to SLDC
Off-grid power system
PMAS has proven experience designing and delivering off-grid power, including hybrid diesel and solar power systems and battery control integration including synchronization of the sources.
Transmission and distribution services
We deliver key services and solutions to both transmission and distribution sub-station assets, including design and site work.
Automated demand response
Improving the management of demand response activities through automation, PMAS enables real-time communication through easy-to-use interfaces.
Remote asset operations
Providing operational support services 24-7, AMC and case to case basis troubleshooting as and when required.


When you’re undertaking a highly complex project, and need site management you can trust to get the job done right, call PMAS.

A qualified site manager is crucial for the effective and strategic coordination of onsite work. As this is a role that requires high levels of experience and organisation, PMAS employs dedicated site management specialists who have the necessary know-how to handle any crisis with minimal disruption.

How you benefit

Ensured safety: we’ll make sure all work is compliant to safety regulations
Timely project delivery: we’ll make sure the project stays on track
Minimised disruption: our experienced site managers excel at high levels of coordination to keep your business running smoothly
Fast uptake of new technology: we can assist with employee training to get everyone using the new technology with confidence


Fast, reliable network infrastructure to give you peace of mind that your business is never offline.
Record keeping
We will log all Factory and Site Acceptance Testing (FAT and SAT) documentation, status and safety reports, records and communications, for complete transparency.
Providing documentation
We will provide operation and maintenance manuals, test documentation, bill of materials, maintenance schedules and backup software.
This involves defining and verifying your project deliverables, so you can see exactly how we will deliver the project outcome you want.
This involves determining the feasibility of your project with a detailed scope of works, precise costings and realistic time projections. At this stage, we identify and address any gaps; identify and maximise any opportunities; and seek ways to produce better project outcomes.
Procurement goes far beyond offering you our excellent buying power. PMAS is proudly vendor independent and works closely with leading industrial technology brands from all over the world, giving us the power to recommend and integrate the best-suited technology for your current and future needs.
Site management
PMAS will manage your project site and work with all stakeholders to minimise disruption to production and maximise project deliverables.
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