Why you need the best communication solutions

The reliable delivery of utilities such as water l electricity l gas is vital to sustaining our population , particularly those in remote communities. ButIndia having tough environments , securing reliable delivery means careful around the clock monitoring and management that can only be achievedthrough reliable communication products. 

In recent past , PMAS has emerged as an experienced and valued supplier to the Indian utility industry . Our communication products are availableon 4G l LTE l IOT and understand various utility protocols such as IEC 101 and 104. Since the solutions are available as real time l two way andsecured communications , we configure them as end to end . Both are suppliers are time tested and the have been in the industry for more than 2decades .

What we can do for you

Utility organisations have an increasing need to remotely manage and monitor facilities, particularly those in isolated locations. Many of these facilities are decades old, and may have only undergone minor upgrades over their lifetimes.

PMAS can provide major upgrades to these facilities, supplying end-to-end monitoring, control and safety automation solutions to ensure system reliability.We can also supply innovative fit-for-purpose solutions to any challenge, no matter how big.

Why PMAS is the best choice for your utility need

With extensive experience in the utilities sector, we have an intricate working knowledge of utility operations, sector-specific environmental and safety regulations, and the demands of remote sites. We also have resource management strategies in place to ensure optimal project outcomes in remote areas.

We have been working with some of the best utility companies in india . We understand not only communications but also the protocol. We ensurewe provide reliable and complete solutions for your applications.


Living in the driest inhabited continent on earth, precise management of our precious water commodity is essential. PMAS is a key supplier of control and automation technology solutions to the water sector in all corners of the country, having delivered more than 30 diverse solutions across India, including the integration of water control systems and SCADA networks.Using our full value chain, PMAS delivers certainty in the control, security and management of water infrastructure assets and processes.
Energy and Renewables

PMAS Automation has been working in innovative energy solutions for some time, and over the years we have cultivated a deep understanding of power generation, alarm management and system reliability.

From panel build and verification to substation capacity systems, PMAS can help you monitor and manage your energy needs.


Why you need the best automation solutions

In today’s global economy, competition is fierce. As automation technology develops, it becomes less about broad improvements and more about incremental enhancements using real-time information.

That’s why your manufacturing business needs the latest and most advanced automation practices and technologies in order to thrive.With over 20 years’ experience across the manufacturing sector, including in the cable and stone, jewelry, health care and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) industries, we have the expertise to help your business reduce costs while maintaining the high-quality outputs

What we can do for you

PMAS Automation is a trusted adviser to the manufacturing sector, and our automation solutions have helped countless manufacturing businesses to reduce production costs, increase product quality and consistency, and improve operational safety.

Why PMAS is the best choice for your OEMs need

We will collaborate with you closely throughout the process to make sure we thoroughly understand all aspects of your business. 
We will draw on our diverse industry experience and our deep and broad pool of expertise in order to find the most innovative solutions that will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

PMAS has worked in partnership with associated engineers for more than a decade, undertaking research and development of world-class ruggedised control system for cable stone structure machine.

PMAS has also developed substantial expertise in the automation and control of mobile water treatment processes, for applications in the manufacturing, mining, utilities and infrastructure sectors both within Australia and Asia.
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